What is a Professional Land Surveyor?

A "Professional Land Surveyor" is an individual who practices professional land surveying and who is currently registered with the State board after demonstrating competency to practice. Registration is earned through years of education and experience and successful completion of a series of licensing examinations.

What is a Land Survey?

A land survey is performed for the purpose of locating, describing, monumenting, and mapping the boundaries and corners of a parcel of land. It may also include mapping the topography of the parcel and the location of buildings or other improvements upon the parcel.

When Should I Have my Land Surveyed?
  • Before you purchase a parcel of land. This will disclose the relationship between the lines of possession and the deeded property lines.
  • When you borrow money against your property, a lending institution may require an ALTA/ACSM survey, a property survey, or an elevation certificate if your property has the potential to be within a flood plain.
  • When applying for a building permit, your local municipality may require a land survey to determine the property lines for proper placement of your structure within the required building setbacks.
  • Whenever you believe there may be a conflict of use on your property.
  • Prior to dividing a parcel of land to be sold or developed.
  • When you intend to sell or transfer any tract of land.
  • When your attorney, architect, real estate broker, or municipal planning or engineering office advises or
  • requires it.
How Do I Authorize Surveying Services?

Contact one of our qualified members about your surveying needs. We can advise you as to what standards and type of survey is required. You should furnish us with an address of the property along with all other information or documents that you have regarding the parcel or project. Riverside Land Surveying LLC may request a retainer and/or written authorization to proceed prior to conducting the services.

How Much Will These Services Cost?

Our fees will be based on the anticipated difficulty and time required to complete your project. The professional staff at Riverside Land Surveying LLC will meet with you and determine the service that best fits your situation.  Once your service has been determined, we can begin our research at the local, county, and state level to help in determining a cost estimate for your project, whether it’s a small lot survey or a 500-acre development.  Riverside Land Surveying LLC strives to provide accurate cost estimates and will not exceed the amount without contacting you and explaining any unforeseen situation or change in the work scope. 

The competency, reputation, education, and 35 years of combined experience of Riverside Land Surveying LLC should be considered when comparing estimates and choosing a professional surveyor for your project.

Duties of the Professional Land Surveyor

Riverside Land Surveying LLC renders a highly technical service to our clients. As licensed professionals, the services provided by our surveyors must comply with several applicable laws, regulations, standards, and codes that have been established by state, county, and local governments, and professional societies. Riverside Land Surveying LLC must conform to these guidelines and will abide by these high standards of conduct and practice.

Protect Your Investment

It is best to retain a Professional Land Surveyor prior to the planning of your development to protect your investment. Riverside Land Surveying LLC can locate the boundaries of a property upon which improvements are planned and constructed. Our professional services assure that your improvements are positioned correctly on your property, possibly preventing costly complications.